• Highest R-value: Closed-cell foam is the highest-R-value insulation material available, at up to R-6.6 per inch (the higher the R value, the greater its resistance to the movement of heat).
  • Energy savings: With an energy-efficient furnace, you can see savings of up to 40% or more if your house is re-insulated with spray foam.
  • Air Sealing: Spray Foam insulation helps to seal all cracks, gaps and voids in your walls and roof unlike traditional insulation, and will create an air barrier, keeping exterior moisture and unconditioned air out.
  • Health & Safety: Spray foam insulation will help create a more comfortable indoor environment by reducing outside pollutants, allergens and noise.
  • Proven Technology: Spray foam insulation has been in use for over 25 years in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.